you could pass your driving test inside a week

you could pass your driving test inside a week

elcome to the Crash Courses Driving School website, where we offer crash driving courses/intensive driving courses for learner drivers who want to pass their driving test quickly. We are an established driving school with over 20 years experience in the crash courses driving industry. We cover most areas of the UK, using a network of fully qualified driving instructors who specialise in teachingcrash driving courses. We use only fully qualified driving instructors who comply with the high standards required by the UK government Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


This Course is aimed at the complete novice learner driver. This course will take you from the start of learning to drive to taking, and Passing Your Driving Test in as little as 10 Days!

This course includes 40 hours of on the road driving, covering the entire DVSA/DVA syllabus on learning to drive and includes your driving lessons on the day of your Driving Test. Plus you can download the Theory Test App onto your phone or tablet.

Crash Course Driver Education Center LLC. is a family and minority owned business. Started in July 2014, CrashCourse provides programming from teenagers to adults. At CrashCourse our mission is to provide all of our clients with a premier experience at an affordable price! We are proudly a BBB Wisconsin accredited business. Thank you for visiting our site and don’t hesitate to call if you are in need of more information.

We specialise in helping learner drivers to pass their test with a fast track, intensive crash course.

At Crash Courses Driving School, we take care of everything for you. From booking your theory test and arranging your crash course with one of our fullyqualified driving instructors in your area, to booking your practical test.


block book driving lessons

block book driving lessons

a great way to help you save money and pass your driving test.

block booking insures you keep your space

helps you schedule in lessons


Imagine this if you will. You block book 10 hours of driving lessons and your first lesson turns out to be a nightmare, or rather the driving instructor is. For some reason you do not get on at all, you don’ t like your lesson and don ‘t wish to continue, in short you are stuffed! Tough luck, as they say. You have now got to live with it. So wouldn’ t it make more sense just to book one session first,see if you like the driving instructor and ask yourself would you like to continue? 

That will save a lot of problems for you.

so by block booing you will save a lot of time money and effort

just ask your driving school or driving instructor

about block book driving lessons

they will be happy to accomodate your needs


driving schools romford

for a female driving instructor in Romford go to

If you are looking to book driving lessons in essex then you have come to the right place. At our driving instructors in upminster offer numerous driving courses all aimed at pupils individual needs. Our instructors have many years of experience and have taught countless numbers of pupils. All our drivers are fully Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). We provide strictly 1 to 1 driving tuition using the latest teaching techniques. Driving lessons are available for beginners, test ready and refreshers. The courses can be 1-2 hrs, block bookings or intensive courses to suit your individual requirements in either a manual or automatic car. They have helped 1000’s of learner drivers pass their driving tests. We want any new learner driver in Harrow to learn as much as they can at a high standard, whilst making sure their experience is fun. In order to do this, all of our driving instructors are fully qualified ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors). We firmly believe this helps build the reputation of the driving school and goes a long way in easing the nerves of new learner drivers.

Driving lessons in Romford

Are you about to start learning to drive and looking for driving schools in romfordthat will give you the skills to be a safe and confident driver? Well you’ve found what you’re looking for! All of our expert driving instructors are committed to making your tuition an enjoyable experience, whilst supporting you right through to your test. We now have a number of instructors providing driving lessons in Harrogate 

To start you off we offer you the first five driving lessons – first lesson free and you will be learning to drive intop cars (please contact us for vehicle availability in you area) Please take a look around our website, you will find many online resources to help you, these include an online theory test, hazard perception test and highway code. All of these are free for you to use.


how much are driving lessons

how much are driving lessons


As soon as you turn 17 in the UK, you can start to take driving lessons. The aim of driving lessons is to give you the skills needed to pass the driving test.

Where can I take driving lessons?

You can take driving lessons anywhere in the UK, and the chances are there are a number of instructors operating in your town. The government has set up a website allowing you to find approved driving instructors, which you can access here.

How much do driving lessons cost?

There is no minimum or maximum cost for learning to drive, as most instructors set their own prices. However, the average cost of a driving lesson in the UK is £24.

We contacted the British School of Motoring (BSM) and RED driving school, two of the largest providers in the UK, for their average prices.

For a 10-hour package of tuition, RED driving school charges £276, while BSM gave us a quote of £230 for the same time.

According to consumer website, the average motorist will spend £2582 on learning to drive. Of that, £960 will be spent on lessons, while the other costs include getting a provisional driving licence, fees for taking the practical and theory tests and revision materials.

How many driving lessons will I need to pass?

This will vary from person to person. There is no minimum number of lessons, or minimum number of hours you need to spend behind the wheel in order to pass your driving test. How many lessons you require will depend on how quickly you learn the skills needed to pass the driving test.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) says that on average, you are likely to need 47 hours of instruction before passing your test, backed by up to 22 hours of private practice.

What about private practice?

Most driving schools recommend that you practice your skills in between official driving lessons. You can practice with a friend or family member who is over 21, is qualified to drive themselves, and has had a full driving licence for three years. If you’re practising in someone else’s car, you need to make sure that you’re insured to drive it.

You must also put two Learner or L plates on the car, one at the front and one at the back, to identify you as a learner driver.

Why do you need driving lessons?

Driving lessons are designed to help you pass the driving test, and without passing the driving test you are not allowed to drive a car in the UK, it’s as simple as that.

When you’ve passed your driving test, you might want to consider doing the Pass Plus scheme, which teaches you more skills to cope with different driving situations

crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass

For most people the answer is yes. At the end of your first day because you will be taking loads in you will be tired, but as each day unfolds you will find that you will feel more lively and everything becomes easier. Remember that intensive courses are proven to be the fastest way for learners of all ages when learning to drive and are now common place in the UK. Police drivers, the Armed Forces, LGV drivers, Bus drivers and even Driving Examiners will have been trained in this way.Learning with an intensive driving course means that your training will be over a few days not many months.Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind encouraging a new confidence in your driving to grow.There are many ways to learn to drive; intensive courses are just one of them. Your course will probably be one of the biggest investments you make this year. You will naturally want the best that money will buy in driver training and vehicles.

Don’t think that finding the cheapest price is finding the best deal you can. 

Many students think of their course only as a lump sum of money that is spent. If you compare the cost of learning with the first years insurance cover for a small car for a 17-18 year old male. To insure a car on 3rd party insurance the average cost will be OVER £1,200 for the year. 

The learning to drive part is the cheapest part of your driving career.


Why choose an intensive course (Crash Course) ?

Intensive driving courses are becoming more and more popular within the learner driver. Recent government studies have concluded that such courses are the most efficient, convenient and cost effective method of learning to drive. The main advantage of using our structured driving courses is that you are condensing many months of conventional weekly driving lessons into a small period of time, usually within a matter of one or two days. Because you are out on the road all day, you spend much less time ‘picking up from where you left off’, and more time concentrating on your driving.

If you have already passed your theory test then an intensive course is for you, all you need is the desire to and commitment to concentrate your energies. Learning to drive isn’t easy, but your Excellent Driving School instructor will help you to feel relaxed, confident and ready to share your first day nerves. Our intensive courses are only suitable if you have passed your Theory and Hazard Perception tests.

No matter how experienced you are now, we have a course which is ideal for you. If you have a special need, however, we will be pleased to structure something specifically for you.

crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass

At Excellent Driving School we offer a free Assessment Lesson so that you can put us to the test. It’s our opportunity to show you why many of our pupils pass their test first time and in just 1 or 2 weeks. It’s also your chance to meet with one of our driving instructors and ask them any questions your may have about our intensive driving courses or your practical driving test.

Why Choose An Intensive Driving Course?

  • Courses from 5-21 days
  • Fully qualified instructors with at least 25 years road experience
  • The fastest route to a test pass in a comfortable manner
  • Considerable savings of time and money
  • New skills can develop quicker if they are concentrated and reinforced in a shorter period
  • Highly convenient, especially for those with many other commitments
  • Training with regular breaks

Excellent Driving School offers intensive courses with fully qualified and very experienced instructors. These courses run from 5 to 21 days. The last day of each course is just the driving test day. All our course prices include the practical driving test fee. This option is suitable for those students who have already passed their theory test and want to pass their driving test over a short time frame. For those that live a long way from the Worcester area, we can help you to arrange local accommodation for the duration of your course.

Everyone is different so we always insist you take a 2 hour pre-course assessment to help us assist you to select the most suitable course. Whether you are a total beginner or if you have had any on/off road experience then the assessment lesson will ensure you undertake the right course.

A normal days training for an intensive course includes 4 to 5 hours of driving tuition spread over the day and also time allowed for breaks. For those who are unable to take an intensive course due to work/college commitments but want to pass their test quickly then we can offer a semi-intensive course. Please ring for details.

There are lots of driving schools offering intensive courses. TheDSA say that on average a beginner requires 45 hours professional tuition combined with some private practice. We advise you to be very wary of any schools not offering courses that provide 45 hours or more tuition.

Although these courses are designed for those who have passed their theory test we can book out days in advance. This is ideal for someone with time off available that might want to put in a lot of hours. This pupil can then either book an intensive course once they have passed their theory test or return back to their weekly driving instructor.

Don’t leave things until the last minute to organise. Some candidates are left with no option but to do everything in a week due to their theory or license expiring. Many of these candidates resort to taking residential courses, where a test is promised at the end of the week’s training. Sounds perfect yes? Until you get there and find that, not only are you sharing your training time with another candidate in the car, meaning you only get half the training time you’ve paid for, but at the end of the week your test is actually in a different location altogether. What is the problem with taking your test in a different location, after all if you can drive you can drive anywhere right? To give yourself the best chance of passing your test it makes more sense to take your driving test around the area of where you have been taking your lessons, complex junctions will be more familiar and you will have practised your manoeuvres around actual test routes. No two towns / cities are the same, for example Sheffield and Manchester have tram routes, when you did your training in a small town or seaside town did they teach you how to deal with trams? Unlikely. Find out more information before you commit to taking such a course.

The first question we get asked time and time again is, “am I guaranteed to pass at the end of the course?” Many people believe that simply taking an intensive driving course is enough to get them a driving licence. In fact some people believe that at the end of an intensive driving course you simply receive a certificate to say you’ve taken the course, here’s your driving licence!

The truth, of course, is that ALL driving tests are conducted in accordance with the DSA and by a highly qualified DSA approved examiner. No driving school can conduct a driving test, naturally if they did every candidate would pass regardless of their ability and there would be a lot of dangerous drivers on the roads today! With this in mind then, absolutely no driving school can guarantee a pass at the end of an intensive driving course. You need to demonstrate to the DSA examiner that you are worthy of a licence and only then will you pass. Moreover, the driving test is exactly the same as any other driving test taken by any other candidate and so you will not be treated differently just because you have worked intensively.

A further myth centres round booking the driving test. Some candidates believe that driving schools can leapfrog the booking system and get driving tests quicker than the average person. This is sadly not true. The DSA takes data protection very seriously and has a fair booking system, where only one test per person can be held at any one time. This means that driving schools cannot hold driving tests on behalf of candidates in the anticipation of them taking a test, and it can only be assumed that any driving school who states they have a guaranteed test for you within a week is either booking tests under other candidates names and changing details, which is bad, or they are not guaranteeing that your test will be in your local area. Taking a test in an area that is unfamiliar to you is more likely to result in a fail as you do not possess local knowledge of the area.


crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass

crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass


we offer lots of different driving courses to suit your needs. The Guaranteed Pass driving test course is our latest offer, and is becoming very popular for pupils who need to pass and would like to do it stress-free.

We will continue to work with you for as long as it takes at no extra cost.


How does it work?

  • This course is ideal for the learner driver who has previously had around 20 hours of supervised driving tuition with a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor
  • You will receive unlimited driving lessons, 1 attempt at your theory test and 1 attempt at your practical test
  • We will continue to provide lessons, however any further theory or practical tests must be paid for by the pupil

Crash Driving Course.It seems a strange name for a driving course but its the name a lot of learners know an Intensive Driving Course by. Its the best way to learn to drive, the old way of a lesson per week meant learning to drive took forever and learners got fed up and usually packed it in before they passed their test. They then usually had another go some time later and then packed it in again. Intensive Driving Course means you start and finish in a short space of time. With the old way you also forgot what you had been taught the week before so progress was very slow.

We are the leaders in the field of Intensive Driver Training and all of our driving courses are tailored to ensure that on the DSA practical driving test you are capable of passing the test.

how much is a crash course

how much is a crash course


Please complete our questionnaire below to find out which length of driving course is most suitable for you. All of our courses are run between 1 – 4 weeks prior to your test date with your final driving lesson being on the test date itself. After taking the questionnaire, if you are still unsure of which course to choose we would recommend you add an assessment driving lesson onto your order where you will receive professional advice and guidance from your driving instructor on the length of course applicable to your current driving ability. This will ensure you are best equipped and trained for the practical test.

How Much Is A Crash Course?

Step 1 – We take payment for the course and book the quickest theory test available in your area (already passed the theory test? move to Step 2).

Step 2 – We take payment for the course and book the quickest driving test available in your area.

Step 3 – We assign your driving instructor who will contact you to arrange your course of lessons leading upto the test date.

Step 4 – You begin the course on your first driving lesson and take your test on the test day.

Why choose to do an intensive driving course with over other driving schools?

  • Our driving school specializes in teaching intensive courses. We have driving instructors that teach intensive driving courses on a full time basis. This means that our instructors are specialists at what they do and ensures you’re in safe hands with us.
  • We are one of the largest and most reputable intensive driving schools in the U.K
  • We offer you full customer care support at our call centre, who books your tests for your course and is there for any help you require.
  • We protect your funds. Paying £289+ for a course means you want to ensure you are choosing a company that you can trust. At Pass N Go we protect your funds and only release payments to the driving instructor for the lessons you’ve completed.
  • As you’re doing your training intensively you will be better equipped for your driving test. Your skills will be sharper when you go for test as you would’ve just practiced them more recently. Intensive courses with Pass N Go have a pass rate of almost double the national average!

driving instructors isle of wight

driving instructors isle of wight




Here at Driving lessons Isle of wight , we pride ourselves in tailoring our intensive courses to fit the individual. Here are a few examples of what we can offer to you, and what our courses involve:

    • All of our courses have the option of including your theory and/or practical test. If you have your test already booked please call and ask our friendly sales team as we may still be able to help.


    • We recommend the ‘Highway Code’ and ‘focus all’  test DVD, both of which can be purchased from our online shop, to help you pass your theory test. There is also a ‘Hazard perception’ DVD and ‘Know your traffic signs’ book. Click here to have a look for yourself: 


    • If you’re unsure as to how many hours you’d like, we can give you an assessment lesson which enables the instructor and yourself to see how close you are to test standard. All of our courses include a flexible amount of hours – if you take less hours than you have paid for then we can refund you any unused hours, subject to terms and conditions.


    • There is no specific way to take the hours, we make sure the lessons fit around your lifestyle up to your test date. We will cover evening, weekends, and daytimes, which ever suits YOU!


    • Once at test standard we offer a Test Cancellation service, where we will search for cancelled tests, so you can take your test sooner.


    • All of our courses receive full support from our office staff; they will book you your test so there is no hassle on your part. Your course can be full intensive (over a number of days) or semi-intensive (over a few weeks.) It all comes down to how you feel you learn best, and how you want to fit the course around your lifestyle.

driving lessons isle of wight

driving lessons isle of wight

Driving Instructor





There is an art to being a good driver and I have been teaching people to become good drivers for over ten years.



Learning to drive is a lifetime skill which gives you the freedom to go your own way – safely. 



Lessons with me will be fun and they will be challenging, but they will always be at a pace that suits you.




In 2016, nineteen of the twenty six pupils that have taken their practical driving test with me have passed 1st time.

driving instructors romford

We have proven that 90% of  learners we have assessed in fact do not need automatic.  Most having had poor tuition or a lack of understanding of the time it takes to develop skills.


We accept that learning to drive an automatic is becoming more popular however there are just not enough instructors in West Yorkshire willing to teach in it. We therefore have to prioritise who we take on and we want to be sure that it is the right decisions as too many learners give up too easy on manual tuition.




Because we are in such high demand  –

    • we will require your regular availability and postcode area
    • we will ask you to carry out an assessment in a manual car
    • we will NOT take complete beginners on in automatic unless the learner has a disability whereby they cannot learn in a manual
    • we will NOT do quick pass lessons or block lessons in automatic
    • we cannot offer more than 1hour a week
    • we will not take anyone on who has a test booked

 BE SURE – We want to make sure that you are making the right choice. So always speak to your instructor to get their advice first as gears may not be the issue it could be  to do with observations and decision making, which in turn affect the gear choice.


ALWAYS  – Consider changing your current instructor for one that may give you a clearer understanding of the gears and how to use. for example I teach learners that in a 30mph zone its 3rd gear and busy areas in a 40mph zone is 4th gear. 2nd gear for allowing you more time to look and steer. and 1st for stopping.


Set lesson plans are in place for both manual land automatic driving lessons and in our experience learning automatic does not reduce the length of time significantly to warrant a decision to do automatic driving lessons over manual.


Our Driving Lesson prices for autom